Guadalcanal weaving Festival

Name: Guadalcanal weaving Festival

Where: Alligator Creek Guadalcanal Province, Solomon Islands.

When:  1st -7th August 2017


Guadalcanal is one of the biggest Islands provinces in the Solomon Islands. It is where the Solomon islands Capital Honiara Located

With a Population of about 80 000 people. There are 6 Languages that are spoken by the People of Guadalcanal. The Oceanic language spoken by Guadalcanal people is known as the Ghari (also known as Gari, Tangarare and Sughu, with 7,100 Ghari 3,000 Ndi (Vaturanga) 950 Gae (Nggae, Qae) 550 Tandai-Nggaria (Tanaghai) 490 Nginia Geri (Nggeri) dialects.

The Guadalcanal Province through her Tourism Department has plan a Grand WEAVING FESTIVAL on the 1st to 7th of August 2017.  The Festival will include Cultural and traditional contemporary traditional dances from all around Guadalcanal. The spectacles involve will be breath taking. It will be contemporary Traditional dances and weaving festival at it very best.


  1. Weaving

The main attraction of this festival will be the weaving demonstration and weaving workshops. Adding the Chupu demonstration, there will be a lot of talented and skill weavers showcasing their trade during the week-long festival. The traditional weaving methods that used for baskets and mats that are passed down from generation to generations will be showcase by women from Guadalcanal. Unique weaving, hidden skills and talents will be on show during the festival. Some of these include the Kolosulu cane  weavers and the weaving that include recycling of plastics into mats and baskets.

  1. Contemporary Traditional Cultural Dances

In the Solomon Islands when there is a traditional cultural festival, it is strictly involves Traditional customs, dances, lullabies and songs. Head-hunting and fierce alike dancing Worriers in traditional costumes making you trembling at their sights are some of the features of those festivals. Like many other parts Solomon Islands and other Melanesian societies Guadalcanal is not exception.

Also as a part of this weaving Festival there will be a lot of Cultural dances, Panpipes and Water drumming and Contemporary Performances Arts “Sure there will be and there will be many”. There will be many different traditional Dancing group showcasing different dancing items. When I tell you about Cultural traditional dances, I was referring to warrior Dancers dress in traditional and Cultural costumes performing dances  on  how their ancestors Kill each other, How they Conquered land and other Tribes. This will be the best next thing to reality. This will definitely rewinding many histories of many centuries ago.

  • Local Baking and Menus

Well, not only those there will be cultural dances and weaving but lots, yeah… definitely a lot of demonstrations on how Guadalcanal people prepared and baked local foods (Motu) and locally made dishes…. Yummy!….  Want to learn a few traditional baking methods or taste something Guadalcanal? Well don’t miss this great festival. There will be demonstrations of how traditional made Guadalcanal kitchens are build will be also demonstrate.

  1. Tours.

As part of the Festival there will be Village, Beach, and Industrial (GPPOL & Gold Ridge), Waterfall and mountain tours.

This festival will also to commemorate 75th years of the Battle of Guadalcanal. It was to honor those who fight during World War II at the Guadalcanal Solomon Islands. Thus there will be World War II sites Tour, enactment of World War II battle landing sites and battlefields tours will be organized.

There are more than 500 international visitors are to attend this festival and to be part of the 75th anniversary celebration of the battle of Guadalcanal

This festival was not only to showcase all unique and rich culture and traditions that exist in Guadalcanal.

“It is also a means for cultural preservation and enzyme for socio-cultural economic development in the province and throughout the Solomon Islands. 

Schedule LINK


1st August Official Opening Ceremony

2nd to 6th Showcasing of Traditions iteams

7th commemorating Battle of Guadalcanal

“Your Culture is your Identity”.

There will be up dates and more stories to be followed. Follow us on  (Inset webpage and link)




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