Source: Wheel

I don’t know it you’re the greatest invention of all times or not but i do know that you have been created before I’ve born. You have make life so easy. its not just you turn and go round but you have made a lot of things also possible. I cant imagine what will happen if you’re not invented. The ancient kingdoms have used you to Draw water like those Egyptians from the river Nile. You have been on a war chariot of great warriors and Kings. Who have ride with many great nobles and carrying princes and Princess from a million miles and still you continues to serve with high dignity.

fast forward to the modern day where technology is easily and constantly squishing the globe into a village, the wheel is all but part and parcel of this gradual changes. Wheel have enable people of all races to travel in their motor Vehicles. Wheels have enable planes and Jets to safely landed on terminals(runaways). and now i know perfectly that you have been blessing and i know that you will keep on your Good work. You have save us all to this very day and am so thanks full for those who invented the wheel.


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